Brute is a challenging arcade game with a minimalist aesthetic. It's a game about planning, timing and discovery featuring an atmospheric soundtrack and cool sound effects!

Game Features:

  • 50 hand crafted levels + 50 "Secret" levels
  • Lots of things to shoot
  • A weird menu
  • Intuitive controls - all you need is a mouse!
  • Lots of music!

Who Am I?

I'm Michael and I make games and music under the name MGFM. I'm a sound designer and composer who has worked on both big and small games. On Brute I was aided enormously by Tyler Barber who provided graphic design help (logos, colour schemes and some sprites). Tyler also contributed music for the "secret" levels. It's great stuff, you should check out his album here - It's very, very good.

Please enjoy the free soundtrack bundled in with the game. It's a nice collection of strange electronic soundscapes. If you just like music and don't care for the game, you can also purchase the soundtrack here.


"Brute was less about reflex than about planning, timing, and discovery. I don’t know whether that would change over the course of the larger game, but I’m keen to spend more time with it anyway for small details like the whirr of your engine or the bounce and pop of your bullets."

- Graham Smith RPS

"The little noise the ship makes when you speed up is my favourite little ship speeding noise ever."

- Lexx87