Compact Vertical 3-side Heat Seal Rectangular/Triangular Packaging Machine

This machine is the best solution for multiple packaging options and efficient production.
The FVM series is compact, easy to operate,and has multiple sealing options.

●3D-triangular bags, envelope bags, 3-side sealed bags, 4-side sealed bags‒all with one machine.
●Various filling and measuring options such as the auger filler, load-cell weigher, and rotary doser.
●Wide range of packaging sizes from 80 mm to 240 mm (width).
●Capacity up to 80 bags/min.

FVM-I with FW-100SA Scale System

Packaging Method
3-Side Heat Sealing
Packaging Materials
Paper, Laminated Film or Non-Woven Fabric and any suitable materials for heat sealing
Measurement Method
Standard: Rotary Doser Weighing
Option: Load-Cell Weigher, Auger Filler
Filling Volume
10–35 CC (with Standard Doser)
(Depends on package size and measurement method)
Feeding Pitch
55–150 mm
Filter Width
80–240 mm by 20 mm
*need to change chute and sailor
30–80 bags/min
1,275 (W) x 855 (D) x 1,810 (H) mm
450 kg
Power Supply *
3-Phase / 200 V / 4.0 kW
Compressed Air *
300 L/min. (6 bar)
CE Marking **
Not Available
* Transformer for local voltage and dried compressed air to be prepared by the customer.
** Fail-safe design based on CE directive.


●Date printer
●Camera for date printer
●Multiply-linked enveloping device
●Zigzag lined cutter blade
●Nitrogen gas-filling device


Front view

Side view

Top view